Trump Reveals What He Saw When He Casually Glanced At Hillary Clinton's Debate Podium

Donald Trump reportedly exposed a major secret held by Hillary Clinton at the third and final debate — that she was given the questions beforehand.

During the debate, Clinton was spotted with what appeared to be a list of questions — along with what many believed was a teleprompter. Trump seemed to hold on to his knowledge of the secret until the morning after the debate, tweeting it out to his followers in a shocking message. 

“Why didn’t Hillary Clinton announce that she was inappropriately given the debate questions — she secretly used them! Crooked Hillary,” he wrote. 

The news of the alleged notes and questions went viral, with many slamming Clinton for seemingly cheating.

“We already knew that you could tell from the very beginning when she started. And every time she would answered she would look down and read,” one reader commented on Mad World News’ Facebook page.

“Even if she were winning, she would still cheat. It's in her nature, cheating, lying, stealing are her stock in trade,” another added.

Others felt as though Clinton was also being talked to secretly during the debate — perhaps through an earpiece.

“That was the first comment I made to my husband whilst watching the debate – Hillary started to answer that question before the moderator even finished talking. I also noticed that Hillary started getting that inward look as if she was listening to something in her right ear. if you have ever seen someone with an earpiece or using a Bluetooth, you will know exactly what I mean, “ one Political Insider reader commented.

Do you think Clinton was cheating during the debate?

Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook, Political Insider / Photo credit: Mad World News