Most Americans Dislike Or Hate Trump, Clinton: Poll

A recent, national poll shows the presumptive Party nominees are in a statistical dead heat.

In a hypothetical general election held tomorrow, Hillary Clinton would win 47 percent of votes, and Donald Trump would win 43, NBC News reports.

The online poll was conducted by NBC News/Survey Monkey during May 16 through May 22.

The survey concluded that both candidates have extremely high disapproval ratings.

More than six in 10 Americans say they “dislike” or “hate” the former secretary of state. With slightly more, 63 percent, saying the same for Trump.

Inversely, four in 10 Americans “like” or “admire” Clinton, while only 36 percent say the same of Trump.

The poll also asked voters their most important reason for supporting a certain candidate.

Among Trump supporters, 36 percent said they supported him in “opposition to Clinton," while 31 percent backed him for his “positions on issues."

Among Clinton supporters, 33 percent backed her in “opposition to Trump," while 30 percent chose her for her experience.

The poll breaks down further to show that Clinton does well with women and minorities, while Trump does well with men and white voters, NPR reports.

For Clinton to start gaining more support, she will have to win over rival Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

“What’s really changed here is that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are holding out their support,” Domenico Montanaro of NPR said. He continued:

Over 80 percent of Democrats, for example, say that they back Clinton, but only 66 percent of Sanders' supports are saying they will. That's kind of similar to what you saw in 2008 where Hillary Clinton's supporters - only about 60 percent said that they would go to Barack Obama. The difference here, though, is that more Sanders people seem to not like Hillary Clinton than Clinton folks liked Barack Obama.

“Donald Trump has secured his party’s nomination much more quickly than anyone on the Democrat side is,” Danielle Kurtzleben, also of NPR, added. “Clinton still looks like the likely nominee over there, but she still hasn’t wrapped it up yet. So that may be boosting Trump’s figures right now.”  

Sources: NBC News, NPR / Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton / Instagram