Woman Says Disease On Her Leg Is Crippling Her Life, Has Left Her 'Jobless' & 'Unmarried'

A 28-year-old woman from Brazil was left disabled by tumors on her legs, weighing 1 kilogram each. The tumors have doubled the size of her legs and left her jobless and bound to stay unmarried.

Karina Rodini was fired from her job and has been unable to marry due to her horrific medical condition.

The 28-year-old woman said, "I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis when I was only two years old. At first, it was only 'coffee milk' patches so the doctor couldn't do anything because there were no lumps or tumors."

Karina suffered from a rare genetic disease that causes massive growth in non-cancerous tumors that grow along the nerves. When she was only two years old, Karina was already diagnosed with neurofibromatosis.

A neurofibromatosis is a group of medical conditions where tumors grow in the nervous system. It is caused by a defective gene that leads to the uncontrolled growth of tumors. It affects one out of 4000 people globally. A child can be at risk of developing the condition if either of her parents has a faulty gene. At date, the rare disease has no cure other than regular monitoring and treating any problems as they occur.

Karina's tumor growth started to show up about nine years later. At 12, Karina underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her uterus, weighing around 9kg.

Karina is the oldest of the three children of her mother, Fatima M. Abou Ali, 58. Despite her condition, she has always been loved by her mother.

Her 58-year-old mother had to leave her job to take care of her daughter Karina full-time. She said, "All these years, it has been very hard to see how the disease is consuming my daughter. Her left eye, she has low visibility because of the disease. She walks very slowly because the leg is too heavy.

Fatima added, "She also suffers from shortness of breath when she has to walk more than 20 minutes or climb stairs. All these years, it has been very hard to see how the disease is consuming my daughter."

Karina has gone through surgical procedure seven times already. She stated, "Every two to three years I have a repairing surgery, the doctor removes approximately 1 kilo of tissue. He says it is the maximum he can remove due to the amount of blood that is lost."

Sources: The Sun / Photo Credit: Daily Mail