She Used To Weigh 750lbs But Now She's Lost 274lbs And Can Walk Again

Milla Clark, a 48-year-old mother and resident of Fayetteville, Tennessee, shed 274lbs and learned how to walk again. She had been bedridden due to her 715lb weight and lymphedema, which made it impossible for her to visit her dying husband in hospital.

Her weight loss journey was documented on the TLC special; “My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now.” Her husband, Elroy, died two months into the filming, and she wanted to guarantee that her five children would still have a parent. In just two years, her weight dropped to 477lbs.

“Every single day of my life is miserable,” she says. “I have been trapped in these four walls for more than two years. During that time, I have not stood one time. All I can do is eat and sleep.”

Clark had problems with her weight since her childhood. At only three years old, other kids called her fat, but she didn’t realize that her eating habits influenced her weight gain. She stated that her mother showed them love by feeding them.

After graduating from high school, at 400lbs, she met and married Elroy. Her weight didn’t bother him. “I was so in love with Elroy. I forgot I was fat for a minute,” she expressed.

She could only give birth once as her weight neared 500lbs, and doctors advised her that the risk would be greater if she tried to conceive again. They resorted to adopting four children.

The family then moved to Houston, Texas, to allow Milla to consult a weight loss surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. She lost 51lbs after she was admitted to the hospital and put on a restrictive calorie diet. Her children were taught about her diet to help prevent her bad eating habits from recurring at home.

Her weight continued to drop and Dr. Nowzaradan said that he would perform the surgery only if Milla got into aquatic physical therapy. She agreed and her sessions allowed her to stand despite her heavy weight.

In the end, she only weighed 477lbs. 

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: News US 24/7