Woman Comes Home To Kisses From Dog, One Day Later She's In The Emergency Room

Marie Trainer lost her hands and legs due to an infection she got after her German Shepherd puppy licked an open wound. 

She had returned home from her vacation in Punta Cana when she was forced to take a leave of absence because of nausea and backache. In the early hours of May 11, she was sent to the local emergency room in Stark County, Ohio, because her temperature kept fluctuating.

Nine days later, Trainer woke up in her hospital bed and discovered that her hands and legs had been amputated. In their initial diagnosis, doctors had hypothesized that the severe infection was a "tropical disease." Seven days later, they discovered that it was from her puppy's kisses.

The infection was from the bacteria capnocytophaga canimorsus, and according to the medical director of infectious disease at Aultman Hospital, Dr. Margaret Kobe, "It was difficult to identify. We're kind of the detectives. We went through all these diagnoses until we could narrow things down. She didn't lose parts of her face. But her extremities are what she had to have surgery on."

Trainer's family even sought a second opinion, but all the doctors said that her limbs couldn't be saved.

Her step-daughter, Gina Premier, said, "That was a pretty hard pill for us to all swallow, to say she was fine a couple days ago on vacation and now she's actively getting worse by the minute and now her hands and feet aren't alive, like this doesn't happen, it's 2019."

Trainer underwent eight surgeries, and she is working on getting fitted for prostheses.

According to the CDC, the humans get infected by the bacteria when they are bitten, scratched, or licked by dogs and cats. However, it's a rare illness in humans because most of the people who get into contact with the bacteria don't get sick. 

Trainer stated that she had no intention of parting with her dogs. She had overwhelming support from her family, and a GoFundMe page raised enough money to pay her bills.

She will soon go to a rehabilitation center for her prostheses. 

"I'm so ready to move forward. I want to go home, I want to go back to work," she said.

Sources: CNN / Photo Credit: Daily Mail