Woman's Viral Post Warns Parents About Styling Their Child's Hair, Causes Worry For Parents

A shocking and rare event led a Tennessee woman to take to social media to raise awareness about a rare condition in kids that is triggered by grooming hair, like combing or curling.

Alicia Renee Phillips, a mother of three from Clinton, detailed the event on her Facebook post. Gracie Brown, her 10-year-old sister, was being helped by Phillips to get ready for church on July 7.

Gracie was staying over at her older sister’s house, and that morning, Phillips suggested curling her sister’s hair before going to church as a form of sister bonding. While Phillips was styling Gracie’s hair, Gracie closed her eyes and leaned forward. Phillips just assumed that her sister was goofing around.

However, Phillips became alarmed when Gracie did it the second time and started producing gagging sounds as if she was about to vomit. Phillips immediately asked her daughters to leave the bathroom as she dialed her mother, Lisa Brown, to inform her about Gracie’s situation.

Phillips took the young girl’s temperature, which was normal. However, Gracie suddenly fainted, leaving her immobile and unresponsive. Thankfully, a short while later she came to and started blinking and speaking. However, Phillips noted that her hands were shaking throughout the incident.

Just to be on the safe side, the family took Gracie to the emergency room and explained the seizure-like symptoms and what they had been doing before the attack. Several tests were performed, and all the results were normal. It was then that the doctor diagnosed Gracie with hair-grooming syncope.

Hair-grooming syncope is a rare condition that affects mostly young girls from the age 5-13, where hair-grooming stimulates nerves in the scalp and triggers seizure-like spells. Fortunately, experts say that it is benign and tell parents to let the child sit down and take a break when they feel nauseous during hair grooming. According to doctors, children eventually outgrow the condition.

Sources: ABC News / Photo Credit: Facebook/Alicia Brown Phillips