Man With Stomach Pains Takes A Pregnancy Test, Realizes Something That Changes His Life

18-year-old Byron Geldard was diagnosed with testicular cancer. However, the discovery of his disease was quite unusual compared to the normal process of cancer detection.

A few years ago, the British teenager from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, first went to the doctor complaining of a pain in his side. However, he was told by his general practitioner that it was just “muscle soreness” caused by extreme training at the gym.

However, scans unveiled that he had a tumor that had spread to his lungs. It was then when Byron was informed that he had cancer.  However, his doctors were unsure which type it was.

“They didn’t know what type of cancer I had. I could have had four or five different types. The doctor kept saying things but it wasn't really going in. I left the room and fainted - I think it was the fear of the unknown," Byron said.

After a while, Byron was referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit in Cambridge, where he was asked to provide a urine sample for a pregnancy test to check his hormones.

After getting a positive result, he was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer.

"I gave the hospital a urine sample, the pregnancy test came back positive, and I started chemotherapy the day after I was diagnosed. I would go in for five days in a row and have the chemo constantly. It really took it out of me — my brain was muddled and I found it hard to concentrate on long films or books. Throughout my cycles of chemo, the hospital would monitor the pregnancy hormone through blood tests. The hormone had been really, really high, but it was gradually declining which was great news, and the tumors in my lungs and abdomen were shrinking," Byron shared in a statement.

In December, Byron underwent surgery and later in January, he was declared cancer-free.

Byron said: "It was a really strange feeling to be told I was ok again — you're just sort of expected to go back to normal, but my mindset has completely changed."

Sources: Newsner / Photo Credit: Twitter/Byron Geldard, Google