This Man Changed His Body In This Shocking Way To Become A New Gender Called 'Nullo'

"Nullo" is a term used to describe people who have undergone extreme body modification, mainly men who have removed their own genitals. It’s a subculture that doesn’t necessarily associate with being transgender, as most would identify as eunuchs who are either submissive homosexuals or asexuals.

Inspired by a famous nullo who goes by the name of Gelding, 23-year-old Trent Gates followed in his footsteps by cutting off his own testicles and penis using a sharp ceramic knife. Trent says his genitals didn’t feel like a part of him, though he has no intention of becoming a full-blown transgender woman.

Trent did the procedure by himself, using cold iced water for his testicles in 2016 and then giving himself painkillers and a numbing agent for his penis in 2017. On both occasions, he went to hospital right after performing the procedure to get stitched up by a surgeon.

Despite having removed his genitals, Trent still identifies as more male than female and says he is a non-binary person, though he is sexually attracted to men. He also thinks nullos are different from eunuchs, men who guarded female living areas of royal courts who were also castrated.

Trent has also undergone psychiatric treatment as recommended by the hospital he went to for his post-genital removal treatments. The psychiatric staff and therapists had reported that he was indeed sane and in the right sense of mind when he decided to remove his testicles and penis.

As for his sexual experiences, Trent relays that his orgasms have become more intense and that although he would still ejaculate, mostly it was the clear pre-cum the prostate produces. He added that his boyfriend and his parents had accepted his modified genitalia, though he had not told his three younger brothers about the surgeries.

The 23-year-old went on to further state that he felt happier and more himself and that it even helped him overcome his crippling depression, where he had attempted suicide multiple times while he was still going to school.

Sources: Metro / Photo Credit: Facebook/Trent Gates