Twins Born With Down Syndrome And Heart Defects Face Adversity, But Now Things Are Looking Up

Rachael Grier, a mother of four, shared her inspiring story of how an echocardiogram of her newborn son showed two holes and a deformed valve less than a week after his birth.

The helpless mother broke into tears after watching her son being taken into an operating room. "My eyes burned. My throat constricted. ‘I hate these doors,’ my thoughts spat,” she shared in a post with LoveWhatMatters.

“As they took my son, his light blue eyes held a questioning gaze. His typical energetic demeanor was exchanged for one more dazed and aloof," she added.

Thankfully, this operation on her second child was successful. While Rachael longed for another child, her husband, Cody, was doubtful. He already even made an appointment to undergo a vasectomy.

However, things took an unexpected turn for the couple. “Then, one random morning, Cody entered our kitchen and announced that he had canceled his vasectomy and was willing to ‘try for one more’” Rachael shared.

"I excitedly purchased a handful of pregnancy tests for the upcoming months, only to discover later at home that there would be no need to ‘try.’ I was already several weeks along.”

During their first appointment with a midwife, the couple was disconcerted with the results of the ultrasound.

“I propped up in disbelief, listening to the crowded sound of the Doppler’s drumming. Two babies? My husband was (ironically) ecstatic. ‘Twins!?’” she recalled.

However, the couple discovered the disheartening news that both of their daughters were diagnosed with congenital heart disease. They were also shocked after learning that there was also a strong possibility that the twins would have Down syndrome as well.

Regardless of the heartbreaking news, Rachael and Cody maintained a positive attitude knowing that they were about to face "heavy doors" again. Truly, their love for their children didn't falter. 

The twins were delivered naturally. An astonishment then awaited them, as they discovered that one twin's heart defect had miraculously cleared up. Rachael and Cody’s hearts were filled with joy and relief.

“The whole event was exceedingly more turbulent than that with our son, yet through it we watched our daughter touch the lives of thousands,” Rachael recalled.

“We walked out of the hospital, once again, feeling beyond thankful. We are in awe of the small, sweet and beloved life we are privileged to hold in our arms, as well as her sister’s!” she added.