Tiny Baby Born At A Weight Of 1lb Defies All Odds To Survive - Here's What He Looks Like Now (Video)

Hanna Rose, a 25-year-old care worker from Worksop, Nottinghamshire, gave birth to her son George in July last year. However, Hanna gave birth three months prematurely and only six minutes after George was born, he was placed on a life support machine.

Rose and her 27-year-old partner, Daniel Bownes, were told by doctors on five different occasions that baby George would unfortunately die eventually. The premature baby was treated for meningitis and after receiving more than 20 blood transfusions, contracted sepsis four times.

During her 23rd week of pregnancy, Hanna was experiencing back pains and went in to labor for four days.

Baby George was born so early that he had “transparent skin.” He was very small and his parents could barely touch him. His smallness has also been compared to the size of a syringe.

Furthermore, George also had necrotizing enterocolitis or what is commonly known as NEC. This is a condition in newborns where part of their bowel dies. Due to the surgery conducted on George for his NEC, he lost 40 percent of his blood and also suffered from a swollen liver. His eyesight is also uncertain as he has received two eye surgeries.

When parents Hanna and Daniel were resigned that there was nothing more that could be done and that baby George would not be able to survive with his conditions, a hospital chaplain came to give him a final blessing.

Shortly after the blessing, however, George’s vitals started improving and his blood pressure started rising.

Now, George is at home with his parents and weighs 6lb 2oz. He also relies on an oxygen tank so that he can breathe properly and faces his seventh heart surgery. Hanna and Daniel are also raising money through a GoFundMe for his physiotherapy treatments, which are given to him 40-50 minutes every two weeks.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Facebook/ George Bownes