Dog The Bounty Hunter Says Wife Rejects Chemotherapy, Will Battle Her Cancer This Way Instead

The famous star of the reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, announced late last year that his wife was battling cancer again. However, both Duane and his wife, Beth Chapman, are not giving up hope.

Before this, Beth, who is 51-years-old, was also diagnosed with throat cancer years ago. However, she was able to fight back and beat it in November 2017. It is always such an emotional victory when one can defeat cancer, but unfortunately, the illness came back.

Duane, who is 66-years-old, mentioned the cancer came back in November 2018 and has been giving updates on how his family is dealing with the news and Beth’s health. This time the cancer is attacking her lungs, and it was reported that it has already reached stage four.

The reality TV star expressed how he is not admitting to defeat and is staying positive for his wife. Additionally, he has said how much he loves Beth and how he is not going to let her die; he and his family are going to stay strong for each other.

The Chapman family, which includes Duane and Beth’s son, Leland, are continuing filming Dog’s Most Wanted, a WGN show. Duane mentions how the whole family is working together as a team.

Beth is said to be diligent and dedicated to her treatment, seeking an alternate method to chemotherapy. She has also expressed how she would rather be surrounded by her loved ones and on the job.

In another emotional statement Beth mentioned to Duane, she has told her husband repeatedly how she wants to live her life to the fullest and spend all the time she has with Duane on the hunt. She added by saying that if these were her last days on Earth, she wanted to enjoy all the time she had left with her family.

Sources: In Touch Weekly / Photo Credit: Google