6-Year-Old Girl Tries To Fake Chicken Pox To Get Out Of Test, Doesn't Realize Her Mistake Until It's Too Late

When a six-year-old girl wanted to miss school, she knew the best way out was to have a “sick day.” However, she was in tip-top shape. She knew that her parents would never buy her excuse and then she’d have to go to class and take the spelling test that she was dreading. That’s why Lily Schooley came up with a “brilliant” idea to give herself chicken pox by drawing spots all over her body.

However, the girl’s plot backfired when she was caught drawing the spots on herself. Although her classmates were getting out of school for having chickenpox, she had yet to contract the disease. That’s why she came up with the idea. She asked her parents for a red marker so she could “do her homework.”

Then ten minutes later, she came downstairs complaining that she had developed an “itchy rash.”

At this point, mom Charlotte Schooley and her husband David were very suspicious. While chickenpox can strike quickly, that was much faster than they ever heard it happening before. They flipped on the flight and then took a close inspection of the little girl’s skin.

Charlotte suggested that Lily had to go to the doctor. As soon as the 34-year-old mom said that, Lily ran upstairs to make a recovery that was even faster than the outbreak.

However, Lily could not remove the red permanent marker. Although she had put it on in minutes, she was no match for its staying power.

Even her mother could not get it off. It looked like the chickenpox was staying after all.

The next day, Lily had to go to school anyway. She had to tell her teacher and classmates that it wasn’t real chickenpox but just permanent marker that had almost helped her get out of the spelling test. For the following four days, she had to live with the reminder that she tried and failed to squirm her way out of the test.

Mom Charlotte, from Cornwall, UK said: “The house is always full of laughter with Lily. She is very witty. She had a spelling test the next day that she didn’t want to do. A few of the children in school had come down with chicken pox, and she’s had it before, so she knows she stayed off school for a while. She came down and said ‘I just need a red pen Mummy, I need to do my homework.’ Then she came down 10 minutes later, and she was stroking her arm. She said ‘oh mummy, I’m feeling a bit itchy. I’ve think I’ve got a rash.’”

Charlotte said: “We turned the light on and she was absolutely covered in it. Me and my husband were aching with laughter, trying not to let on that we knew. I asked what the matter was and she said ‘I think I’ve got chicken pox, I can’t go to school.’ She’d been sat on the bathroom floor drawing dots on herself.”

Lily’s mom worries that the internet is giving her too many ideas.

“She watches a lot of YouTube, and she’d apparently watched a video called ’10 Ways to Get Out of School’ – so there’ll be another nine to come.”

Sources: Mirror / Photo Credit: Post Image