Man Loses Tip Of Penis When Erection Goes Wrong

After a man suffered from an erection that lasted for two days, doctors accidentally amputated the tip of it after botching the surgery. They were supposed to remove a catheter from his urethra but instead wound up amputating the tip of his penis after gangrene developed and put the entire appendage in danger. The 52-year-old man arrived at the hospital in north India when he realized that the erection was not going away and he needed to get treatment immediately.

Because the man’s case was so extraordinary, doctors wrote about it and published a case study featuring his horrible situation in a medical journal that gets read and reviewed by doctors everywhere.

The man arrived at the emergency room at the local hospital complaining about how he could not get rid of the “painful and sustained” erection. It was very bothersome and was causing him much discomfort both physically and mentally.

Doctors decided that the best course of action was to drain the blood from the man’s penis. As they completed this procedure, they inserted a catheter into the man’s urethra and forgot to take it out after they were done. Because of this, the man quickly developed gangrene on the head of his penis. The tissue there had died and needed to be amputated before it caused an infection in the rest of his penis which could result in the entire member being removed.

When the man returned to the hospital to have the gangrene treated, the doctors could do nothing. He had so much dead tissue at the tip of his genitals that they had to amputate the tip of it. This was an extremely devastating realization for the 52-year-old man who had simply come to the emergency room to be treated for the erection that had lasted 48 hours and needed treatment.

The man underwent the life-changing treatment at King George’s Medical University in Lucknow, which is more than 300 miles from New Delhi.

The medical term for a painful and sustained erection is priapism. That’s why he went to the hospital, but the doctors made a mistake that resulted in the tip of his member being amputated.

Although it is unclear what caused the sustained erection, doctors admitted that he was late coming to them. After two hours of a painful, sustained erection, doctors consider it an emergency situation.

The NHS claims that the known causes of priapism can be varying and include sickle cell disease, illegal and legal drugs, or by using Viagra or similar erectile dysfunction medications.

Doctors used a shunt, which diverted blood flow and was able to get the excess blood to go into his urinary catheter. But the day following the procedure, something failed, and the tissue at the tip of his penis turned black as it died.

“We removed his urethral catheter,” Dr. Saqib Mehdi said. “But still the black color of glans penis deepened over the next day, and a clear line of demarcation became visible between it and the penile shaft.”

This led them to amputation.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image