After Her Hair Falls Out, Loss Of Memory, And Rashes Woman Learns What’s Lurking In Her Apartment

Back in 2014, Emma Marshall lived in an apartment in the Hackney neighborhood of London. She stayed at the rundown flat for about a year and since moved on with her life. However, her health was never the same after staying at that dingy London apartment. And by 2018, her health declined so much that she was bedbound and on the brink of death after a urine test found high levels of mycotoxin resulting from her time in that Hackney apartment.

Emma, 29, knew that she had to get out of the Hackney apartment as quickly as possible. The bathroom had a “thick black mold” and was yucky. Although she knew it was gross, Emma never knew that the mold would poison her and eventually cause hair loss and exhaustion all while slowly eroding her memory.

Emma went to various doctors looking for the cause of all her symptoms. Because she has a fast-paced job in the music industry, she didn’t have time for all that was happening.

However, last year, Emma, who had become bedbound from her impactful symptoms, took an appointment with an alternative medicine doctor. She had tried everything else and was desperate for answers.

A simple urine sample proved that her levels of mycotoxin, which comes from mold, were extremely high.

“When I met with the functional medicine doctor, we talked about the kind of environment I lived and worked in. As soon as I said I started to feel unwell in 2014, when I lived in the flat, something clicked. Since then, my body has broken and continued to be slowly poisoned over the years.”

Before she lived in a deadly apartment, she was the poster child for a healthy lifestyle. She never stopped moving and lived her life to the fullest. But when she moved to Hackney, her health crashed.

“I’d had a few symptoms, like acne, exhaustion and aches and pains throughout my body, but I thought it was down to stress and to work a lot. People are used to living around the mold and not knowing what it’s doing to their body and, at that point, I had never heard of mycotoxins.”

Emma’s health took a turn for the worst in 2015. She suffered a kidney infection, which required she use a catheter for two weeks. Then in April 2018, she fell and fractured her arm. Her health was falling apart, and she didn’t know why until she visited the alternative health doctor.

“Knowing something is wrong and not being heard tests your strength and makes you feel like you’re screaming into an abyss.”

Only when she started doing her own research, did she learn about mycotoxin poisoning. That’s when she sought the alternative health doctor’s opinion. Her self-diagnosis proved correct.

Because she needs ongoing care, she set up a GoFundMe account to get the help she needs. She plans to take the money she receives and go to Mexico for a special procedure.

“Treatment is not available (in the United Kingdom), due to their lack of understanding of autoimmune and chronic illness.”

Her only hope is to go to Mexico to start her treatment.

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image