Woman’s Nose Doubles In Size Due To Surprisingly Common Condition

If your nose doubled in size, what lengths would you go to get it fixed? One woman living in Texas experienced just this and was willing to burn the flesh off her face to fix the problem, which resorted from a condition that resulted in her nose morphing and growing in size. The two-hour burning procedure helped this woman, 39-year-old Adrianna Ely to feel better about her face after her nose nearly doubled in size and grew to become deformed rather quickly.

While the procedure was underway, Ely’s doctor realized that she had developed nearly twice the amount of skin as earlier predicted. It was a mess.

“The procedure took two hours because my doctor said he had to remove double the amount of skin he anticipated,” Ely told SWNS. “It smelled awful. Basically, he burned my skin off with an aggressive laser.”

That’s right. In order to treat the condition which basically doubled the size of Ely’s nose, the doctor had to use a laser out of a science fiction movie of yesteryear to burn a large portion of her face off. But now she feels much better about the way she looks.

“My doctor prepared me for how it would look when it was done, but when I took off my mask, and I looked in the mirror at home, I was shocked. My skin was charred and oozing. It was black, green and raw.”

The tip of Ely’s nose first started to change in 2013. That’s when it became red and bulbous. She was diagnosed with rhinophyma and told that the only treatment was the horrific one she ended up enduring for the sake of vanity.

Although the condition was once associated with excessive alcohol use, it was later found to occur equally often in people who don’t consume alcohol as it does with alcohol abusers. That means the cause of rhinophyma is unknown.

Doctors and experts speculate that it could be a form of rosacea that changes the shape of someone’s nose over the course of its progression, larger oil glands, reddish color, and a thickening of the skin on the nose that resorts in waxy, yellow flaking skin.

When the condition first started flaring up, Ely worried that it was a residual effect from a botched rhinoplasty she underwent in 2008. She said it was so bad she needed to put her finger “under the tip of my nose just so I could hold my nostril open.”

Treatment for rhinophyma requires surgery, which reshapes the bulbous nature of the nose and can involve a laser. Doctors can also use a scalpel or dermabrasion to help treat it. Ely decided to go with the aggressive laser option.

“It got to a point where it didn’t even feel like a nose anymore,” she said. “It felt like a blob without structure. My nose was changing so much that I didn’t even recognize myself.”

Because of the way she looked had always been important to her, she knew she needed to find a doctor willing to help.

Since getting burned, she is recovering and has experienced some restored self-confidence.

Sources: Fox News / Photo Credit: Post Image