Two-Headed Baby Born In Mexico

In an extremely rare turn of events, a mother gave birth to a baby with two heads in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Though details of the baby and its family were not disclosed, a video showed the infant had two distinct heads and a single body, according to Fox News.

Relatives of the newborn alerted the world to the birth by sharing a video on Jan. 6 of the baby crying after its delivery. The infant was reportedly stable for days after being born. 

Though the baby was breathing in the posted video, it passed away shortly after it came into the world. A local news site reported on Jan. 9 that the baby had died.

Doctors at the facility where the baby was born declined to comment on whether the baby was a pair of conjoined twins, and declined to confirm the sex of the baby.

Approximately 70 percent of all conjoined births are female, and occur approximately once in every 200,000 births, according to The University of Maryland Medical Center. This frequency can dwindle even further depending on which body segments are conjoined.

''The situation is a genetic problem that could be hereditary or because of some kind of medical treatment that was given to the mother during the first trimester of the pregnancy,'' commented Dr. Lorenzo Soberanes, a member of the Juarez medical committee, according to Fox News.

''Unfortunately, there is nothing on local medical books, as far as I'm concerned, of a birth like it,'' said Soberanes. ''This appears to be the first case and now it needs to be analyzed and studied. Where did the mother and father work? What do their genetics look like?''

Sources also kept the identity of the baby's mother confidential.

Doctors have not released information on the newborn's specific cause of death.