Man Arrested For Tricking Woman Into Aborting Baby

A Kansas man was arrested and charged with tricking his girlfriend into aborting their baby by crushing an abortion-inducing pill over a pancake she was eating.

Scott Bollig was put on trial for the incident, in which he caused girlfriend Naomi Abbott -- a law enforcement officer -- to lose her fetus by lacing her pancake with the drug. 

Bollig reportedly admitted to police that he laced the pancake without Abbott's knowledge, and that she ate three-fourths of the food. He reportedly bought five pills for $60 online in January 2014 and threw the remaining four pills away after Abbott miscarried.

Soon after her pregnancy ended, Abbott expressed concerns to a fellow officer that she thought her boyfriend was putting something in her food to make her miscarry the fetus. She was eight to 10 weeks pregnant when she lost the fetus.

Pathologist Dr. Lyle Noordhoek, who performed an autopsy on the fetus, said a blood sample tested positive for mifepristone, the drug that Bollig used to abort the fetus. 

During a hearing, Bollig's attorney Daniel Walter questioned authorities' interrogation tactics, claiming  they might not have properly read him his rights and that they allegedly coerced him into making incriminating statements, CBS News reported.

Walter also questioned why Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent Kevin Campbell and Police Chief Terry Eberle didn't record the interview conducted with Bollig that ended in his arrest.

"I guess I'm from the old school," Campbell said. "If there's two cops in a room interviewing a person, you don't need a recording."

The story quickly sparked controversy among readers, many of whom were divided on whether Bollig could be considered a murderer.

"He is a murderer," one Shared reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "He should have been charged with 1st degree murder and attempted murder of the girlfriend. He didn't know what it would do to her and was willing to take the chance of killing her too."

"If he didn't want a child why didn't he wear a condom?" another wondered. "He should use personal responsibility to make sure conception didn't occur. What would have happened if she would have been one of the low percentage of women that had an allergy ,hemorrhaged or her body didn't completely expel the baby." 

"Sorry I do not think that a fetus has any rights," another wrote. "It is an extension of the mother til it is able to breath on its own. I am for a woman's right to choose. But fathers should have a choice too. Murder charges are to much. The gf did not die nor was she physically assaulted. Assault charges and reckless endangerment with a unknown substance. Because it could of hurt her if she had an allergy to any of the ingredients."