Burglary Investigation Takes Shocking Turn

After a burglar was arrested for breaking into a home, he told police that something seemed suspicious at the house. On further investigation, police uncovered something shocking.

Eric Spivey was arrested for breaking into a home in Lauderhill, Florida, according to All That's Fab. Following his arrest, Spivey confessed to burglary and told police he thought there may be identity fraud going on in the home, saying that he saw fake credit cards being manufactured inside.

Police were skeptical of the claim, but returned to the home two days later to investigate. They told the resident, Chenequa Austin, that they were there to talk about the burglary, but were really there to check out the fraud accusation.

Austin had not cleaned up her home when police stopped by and reportedly left incriminating items out in the open.

"Chenequa Austin brought me through the residence to identify the path of the burglar," wrote Agent Jason Lanfersiek in a report. "While inside the home, I immediately noticed, in plain view, numerous gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid stored value cards readily apparent in various locations in the residence."

The report also stated that there was a card embossing machine in plain view, reports the Mirror.

Austin was arrested after police uncovered the cards, embossing machine and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise allegedly purchased with fraudulent funds, including tablet computers, game consoles and designer clothing.

While investigating the fraud, things again took a shocking turn: Austin told police that Spivey was her boyfriend and had been living with her for three months.

Austin revealed to police that Spivey had introduced her to credit card fraud and identity theft. He manufactured fake credit and gift cards in her name and sent her to the store to make purchases.

Police continued investigating and discovered while checking Spivey's phone that he had sent a number of text messages about fraud and had lists of card numbers, as well as photos of him with high-end merchandise and weapons.

Investigators also found a gun that matched bullets from an attempted murder case in Florida's Miami-Dade County.

Austin and Spivey were both arrested on charges of identity theft, fraud and conspiracy. They both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Spivey's lawyer said his client denied all charges, citing a domestic dispute as the reason behind the issue.

Spivey also pleaded not guilty to a charge of possessing a firearm while a convicted felon. He also had a charge of attempted murder pending.

Sources: Mirror / Featured Image: Mighty Travels/Flickr / Embedded Images: Broward Sheriff's Office via Mirror, FreeStockPhotos