Boy, 13, Allegedly Attacks Old Woman, Cuts Her Ear Off (Video)

A 13-year-old boy from Jackson, Mississippi, was arrested and charged after attacking an elderly woman and reportedly cutting off her ear (video below).

Corey Smith was arrested after he allegedly ambushed the victim when she pulled her car into her driveway and got out of her car around 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 29. He then allegedly cut the woman's ear off, stabbed her multiple times in the chest and neck, and stole her car keys and purse.

The boy allegedly drove off in the woman's car, and she was subsequently found in a pool of blood. The woman has undergone surgery and may need more, her family told KMBC.

Smith was charged as an adult in the crimes, and also faces charges of aggravated assault, auto theft and armed robbery.

Columbus O'Banner, the brother of the woman attacked, said his sister was left for dead.

"She's already forgiven them. We are people of faith and so we know how important it is to operate in forgiveness so that your faith and your love are [intact]," he told KMBC.

Many called on the boy's parents to be investigated over how they raised their child.

"For allowing that child to run wild in the first place, the parents need to be investigated by the local authorities, that is clearly child neglect," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "The boy in question, well, he needs to be grateful I'm not related to him."

"I could never forgive him," another commented. "I'm sorry but I believe his entire family should be charged as accessories to the crime because if he had been at home where he belonged he would not have attacked the woman. Did he go home with bloody clothes? Why cut off her ear? Was this a trophy or part of gang initiation? This kid is only 13 years of age and has already stabbed a woman multiple times, left her to bleed to death, mutilated her, stole her car and purse. He is a menace to society and should be put away to protect the public." 

"Do not pamper this criminal," wrote another reader. "He needs to be tried as an adult. In years past everyone was handled the same in court regardless of age. And when this happened there were so few young people this age committing crimes." 

"All the bleeding heart psychiatrist who thinks that they know best and all the liberal democrats who themselves are stupid have done is made excuses for young people for crimes they commit and slap them on the hand," another commenter added. "If young people understand that if they commit a crime just as adults do and get punished just as adults do without any regards to their age. Then these young punks would not be committing these crimes."

Sources: KMBC, Mad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Yumi Kimura/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: KMBC, Tex Texin/Wikimedia Commons