Father Shoots Daughter In Attempted 'Honor Killing' (Photos)

An Indian woman was left fighting for her life after her father and brother shot her in the face and chest in an attempt to kill her because she was in a relationship with a man in their village.

WARNING: The photos below are of a graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The 18-year-old woman was reportedly in a secret relationship with a 24-year-old man in the village of Uttar Pradesh, northern India. The father and brother learned of the relationship from the woman's younger sister, who overheard her talking to the boyfriend over the phone. 

The young woman, Ruby, had been in a relationship with 24-year-old Ibrahim for three years.

Within minutes of learning about the relationship, 52-year-old Sameraj confronted his daughter alongside his 32-year-old son Iftikhar. They beat her brutally before shooting her once in the face and once in the chest.

Neighbors heard screams coming from the home and called police, who rushed to the scene to find Ruby lying on the ground bleeding to death. She was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Footage released online showed Ruby being taken to the hospital covered in blood with a bandage over the side of her face. 

"It's an [honor] killing case. The girl told us at the hospital that she was shot by her brother and father after they came to know about her relationship," Officer Brahmapal Singh Baliyan told the Daily Mail after the brother and father were arrested.

"She also said that her mother was involved as she opposed a marriage between the girl and her boyfriend. She is currently in a critical condition and is being treated at a private hospital with police protection."

Dr. Jitender Singh described the woman's condition upon arrival at the hospital.

"She arrived in a semi-conscious state and was bleeding heavily. Her blood pressure was really low and she was barely able to speak," Singh said. "She had one bullet in the left side of her face, around 3 [centimeters] away from [her] ear, and one bullet on the right side of her chest. As we do not have proper surgeons or an ICU ward here, she was referred to a private hospital in Moradabad. She needs immediate treatment as she could die due to heavy bleeding."

Police said that other family members would be interviewed once Ruby was able to make an official statement.

According to the Honor Based Violence Awareness Network, at least 5,000 women are the victims of honor killings every year.

Sources: Daily Mail, Honor Based Violence Awareness Network / Photo credit: Garrett Charles/Flickr, Cover Asia Press via Daily Mail