One-Legged Vet Responds To Easily Offended Woman

A one-legged veteran shamed a young woman for being "easily offended" by a Target sweater. Derek Weida, 29, stumbled upon a photo on Twitter posted by a user named Reign that was complaining about Target's lack of sensitivity about mental illness.

The photo showed a young woman with short lavender hair holding up a red Christmas sweater that said, "OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder."

In her caption, she wrote: "As someone with OCD I'd really appreciate it if you didn't sell my illness as a fashion statement."

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Angered by her statement, Weida decided to respond to it with his own photo, according to The Chive.

The veteran took a picture of himself in his wheelchair next to a green sweater at Target. The sweater features a gingerbread man with a broken leg with "Oh snap!" under it. Because Weida is missing a leg, the image of him next to the shirt conveys a sense of mockery.

"Shut up, P***y. You'll be fine," he tweeted with the photo.

According to Weida's personal website, the St. Paul, Minnesota, native served as a paratrooper for the U.S. Army's prominent 82nd Airborne Division.

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is catching serious heat for what he was caught on camera saying to an Uber driver:

His biography states:

"On June 23, 2007, I was shot side-to-side through the right knee during a nighttime house raid in the Shaab Ur district of Baghdad. I fought hard through 18 months of surgeries and physical therapy to rehab my knee so I could return to my unit. Sometimes things are just out of our control and I was medically retired from the Army in June 2009. I spent 2008-2010 angry, depressed, drunk, and suicidal. All of my dreams and aspirations revolved around being a soldier and I felt like since that part of my life was over, my life was over in general. In December 2011 I had my leg amputated, something I had fought to have done since 2007. Once I was freed from the shackles of my busted up leg I began to thrive. My passion for life returned. And, well, I am who you see me as today. Of course, there is much more to this story but how do I sum up six years of turmoil?

Nowadays Weida sells 1st Phorm products, a business that produces dietary supplements and athletic gear. The fitness enthusiast says, "Fitness, accomplishing short-term goals, and reconnecting with my military/veteran communities were what pulled my out of my dark years and so we try to recreate my success for others."

Sources: The Chive, / Photo credit: Reign Murphy/Twitter via The Chive, Derek Weida/Instagram via The Chive