Man Thinks He Killed Woman During Sex, Burns Her Alive


A man burned a woman alive after he thought he killed her during sex.

Quinton Tellis, 29, pleaded not guilty to murdering Jessica Chambers, 19, who was discovered next to her burning car in Courtland, Mississippi.

Firefighters were reportedly responding to a car on fire when they saw Chambers walking toward them dressed only in underwear and suffering from burns on 93 percent of her body.

"Horrific burns, horrific pain," District Attorney John Champion told CBS News. "I would venture to guess if all of us sitting here were to know we're going to die, that the very last way we would want to die would be by fire. But Jessica was set on fire."

Chambers died just four hours later at a Memphis, Tennessee, hospital, but tried to name her killer before succumbing to her injuries. She said it was someone named "Eric" or "Derek," though authorities arrest Tellis -- with Champion saying that all evidence pointed to him as the killer. He reportedly asked Chambers for sex several times, which she refused. Both people were at the same location on the day of Chambers' death, and Tellis admitted to having sex with her in her car.

Champion said he believes that Tellis suffocated the 19-year-old and "thought he had killed her," but subsequently realized she was still alive. Tellis, he alleged, then drove the car to where he lit it on fire.

Tellis' attorney, Darla Palmer, said that despite evidence against him, the story about the suspect didn't add up because Chambers allegedly didn't know the last name of the man who killed her -- but knew Tellis well.

"She knew Quentin," Palmer said. "She knew his name is Quentin Tellis. But she did not say [his  name] that day."

Many readers felt that Tellis, who was also previously linked to another murder, was guilty.

"Ok. so if you thought you killed her but turned around and killed her. Then why [plead] innocent? You're guilty. So be a man you punk and plead guilty," one Daily Mail reader commented.

"You are supposed to call 9-1-1, not torch the car with her in it. He is Guilty of murder," another wrote.

"Not buying that story sir," another added.

Tellis, who has previous convictions for burglary and fleeing police, faces life in prison if convicted of Chambers' death. Tellis still faces a murder charge for the death of a 34-year-old woman whom he stabbed more than 30 times to try and get her ATM card PIN number. He later pleaded guilty to fraudulently using the woman's card.

Sources: CBS News, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Daily Mail, AP and My Fox Memphis via Daily Mail 

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