Mother Convinces Husband To Rape Daughter (Photos)

A woman from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was arrested for convincing her husband to rape her 15-year-old daughter so she could have another baby. 

Misty Machinshok, who is infertile, was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison after she reportedly "coached" her new husband and daughter through sexual intercourse for the purpose of conceiving another child. Misty, 33, even held her daughter's hand "the first few times" the abuse occurred, the Daily Mail reported.

The woman, who met her 29-year-old husband, Gary, on a website called, planned to tell friends and family the girl got pregnant from a stranger during a party at their home. 

Gary pleaded guilty to raping the girl "every few days" throughout the course of 2013, and admitted to also sexually assaulting the girl's 11-year-old sister. He made a plea deal for assaulting the sister and did not have to face charges for that crime.

During trial, the Misty's father, Bill Englert, defended his daughter, saying her involvement in the rape was "overemphasized."

Misty said she pleaded guilty to the crimes so her daughter would not have to testify in court.

Both girls were placed in foster care following the couple's arrest. The reason for Misty's infertility was not disclosed. 

Many readers called for the couple to be given harsher sentences for their disturbing crime.

"White trash," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "Nothing but a whole bunch of low life's,and her own Father defending her is absolutely disgusting,now we know where she comes from,her Father probably did the same thing to someone else and he now thinks this is okay. White trash."

"I don't know how people can do something so sickening," commented another. "They should go to prison for life. The prisoners are going to have a ball with both of them when they find out what they did. Prisoners do not child abusers. And I know they will pay very bad for what they did. I pray that the lord will heal and help this child get through this. And give her a speedy recovery. And not be scared for the rest of her life. I will pray for her. This is heart breaking to me."

"Unbelievable how sick some peoples thinking can be," added another. "And how that thinking can be allowed to be carried out. Prayers for the young woman who has survived this outrageous crime. May she get whatever help she needs to go on to have a joy filled life." 

Sources: Daily Mail, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Oregon Department of Transportation/Wikimedia Commons, Police photos via Daily Mail 

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