Muslim Migrant Rapes Girl, Then She Finds Out His Secret

A 19-year-old girl was raped by a Muslim migrant in the closet of an arcade -- only to find out later that he had planned on doing more than just sexually abusing her.

The German girl, who was identified only as Sarah, was alone when a 38-year-old migrant from Pakistan alledgely walked into the arcade where she worked. He proceeded to push her into a closet and brutally rape her. During the rape, Mad World News reported, he intentionally bit her on the cheek and lips so he could expose her to Hepatitis C. 

The man later admitted to raping the girl after surveillance footage showed him entering and leaving the arcade. Prosecutor Diana Enzinger-Leichsenring later revealed in court that the man's intention was not only to rape the girl, but to also ruin her life by infecting her with Hepatitis C.

The girl ultimately learned that she did not contract the disease, but she did end up dropping out of medical school because the trauma she suffered was too great.

The man, identified as Qaisar S., was arrested and sentenced to 42 months in jail. He was reportedly well known to authorities for his several encounters with law enforcement. One incident involved the man pointing a fake pistol at random people in a German city.

"Just another example why they all need to go home. America is not it. I support what our President is trying to do. The evil ones have been preying on the innocent ones in our country for a long time. Now that we have a President that's not going to allow this anymore they all are acting out of control," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"Without a shade of doubt: the same globalist billionaires who finance the Islamic invasion will soon start paying for some costumed Nazi shooters to kill a Muslim here and there, and give all resistance anti-jihadist the air of heinous crime. Looks like they've already started doing that," another added.

Many called for the man to receive a tougher prison sentence than the one he got.

"[Menace] to society," one reader commented. 

"Add up all the years of productivity she would have suffered from the disease had he given. The disease to her to cause her job performance impaired. Give him that many years in the toughest prison we have. No parole, no early release.solitary confinement so he can't visit with other se. Pervert violent offenders, sit alone thinking about his sorry stupid self alone."

Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Mad World News 

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